Complex Litigation

Over the years, we have handled a wide variety of complex litigation. The depth and breadth of our attorneys’ expertise, as well as the technological and staff resources that our team brings to bear, make us well suited to tackle large-scale, complex litigation. For these reasons, solo practitioners and small firms frequently turn to us for assistance in representing clients involved in complex litigation.  And you can do so with confidence that we will respect your client relationship.

Our complex litigation support services include:

Business Litigation

Large-scale business litigation often requires specialized resources: the capacity to organize and manage thousands of pages of documents; the knowledge to conduct discovery of electronic media; and the ability to devote a team of trial attorneys for as long as is necessary to resolve a complex matter.

Class Actions

Class actions demand both legal expertise and substantial case management resources. We have represented classes of claimants in Vermont and around the country on issues such as pollution contamination, dairy cooperatives, and consumer rights. We provide both the legal expertise as well as the technological and staff resources necessary to tackle the considerable demands of multi-party litigation.

Large Asset Divorces

Our family law attorneys have the comprehensive knowledge and experience to analyze and address the numerous specialized issues that arise in large asset divorces, such as the valuation of businesses and assets, as well as taxation questions.

Insurance Coverage Disputes

Insurance policies are complex specialized contracts with a terminology and structure unlike that of other contracts. We have extensive experience representing policyholders and others seeking coverage under insurance policies.

Personal Injury

We are the largest firm in Vermont with a concentration in personal injury. For claims that present complicated issues of causation, standard of care, or damages, our team of trial attorneys has the experience to prepare and bring to trial a convincing and compelling case.


Professional malpractice cases can be challenging. We are well equipped to pursue claims for the negligent provision of professional services such as mental health, accounting, engineering and legal services.

Environmental Issues

Environmental litigation requires the synthesis of complicated scientific information and a command of the statutory and regulatory regimes. Our attorneys have considerable experience with environmental cases, ranging from governmental enforcement actions to pollution litigation among private parties.

Employment Claims

The workplace is now governed by a daunting array of often-overlapping statutes and regulations. Our team has extensive experience with such employment issues.