Medical Negligence

Even health care providers  make mistakes.  If you or your loved one has been injured by the negligence of a doctor, a hospital, or another medical provider, we can help.  Our team of experienced trial attorneys and litigation support staff has helped hundreds of individuals, families, and children recover for injuries caused by the negligence of doctors, nurses, hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare providers.

We handle a wide range of medical negligence matters, including:.

Nursing Home Injuries

We have successfully represented nursing home residents and their families in claims for personal injuries and wrongful deaths resulting from inadequate care and insufficient staffing.

Medical Products and Drug Liability

Our team has represented clients who have been injured by defective medical products or devices, such as artificial hips or unsafe medications produced by pharmaceutical companies.

Wrongful Death

Sometimes medical errors lead to the death of a loved one.  When it does we can help, by gathering the medical files, retaining qualified experts, documenting medical errors, and presenting the full extent of your losses.

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