We have extensive experience representing those who have been damaged by pollution from industrial neighbors, including cases involving water pollution, air pollution, noise and vibrations, and even aesthetic concerns. We have represented individuals, groups of neighbors, and classes of individuals who have suffered from environmental harms, in Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, and Alaska, in both state and federal courts.

We handle a wide range of environmental matters, including:

Pollution Claims Against Industrial Neighbors

We have handled claims involving paper mills, landfills, gas stations, municipalities, factories, quarries, and other polluters whose toxic materials have traveled off site and interfered with our clients’ use and enjoyment of their homes or businesses, and caused property losses and health hazards. Whether the case involves money damages for our clients, or court-ordered remediation, our team has the experience and knowledge to help you achieve your goals.

Farms and Agriculture

Located in a rural state, we have litigated a variety of environmental matters involving farms and other agricultural uses.

Regulatory Matters & Environmental Court

Our team can help you navigate your environmental issues through regulatory proceedings, including the Act 250 permitting process, and in appeals to the Vermont Environmental Court and the Vermont Supreme Court.


Our experience also includes representing those whose practices have been alleged to have caused pollution.


We have represented clients in appeals to the Vermont Environmental Court, the Vermont Supreme Court, and the federal appellate courts. Two of our environmental cases have gone as far as the United States Supreme Court.